Technology and Security Policies

Type Name Revision Date
Policy 1601 Information Access and Security 04/16/2013
Guide 1601 GD.02 Guidelines for Oracle Applications Access Approvers 03/08/2001
Guide 1601 GD.04 START People Lists User Access Charts 01/08/2003
Guide 1601 GD.05 Effective Practices for Monitoring Security and Access 08/15/2013
Procedure 1601 PR.01 Access to Oracle Financial and Human Resources Applications 01/27/2009
Procedure 1601 PR.02 NetIDs and Identity Management 01/10/2011
Procedure 1601 PR.03 Access Control for Protected Health Information (PHI) 04/20/2005
Procedure 1601 PR.04 VPN Eligibility & Access Procedure 11/20/2012
Procedure 1601 PR.06 Bypassing Oracle Applications and Financial Planning Training 05/28/2002
Procedure 1601 PR.07 Identity Data Access Requests 02/14/2014
Policy 1603 Red Flags Policy 08/13/2013
Policy 1605 Faculty Access to University Services and Facilities Prior to Appointment Date 01/16/2008
Policy 1607 Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy 05/20/2011
Procedure 1607 PR.01 Endorsed Encryption Implementation Procedure 08/17/2010
Procedure 1609 PR.01 Disposal of Media Containing Confidential or Protected Health Information 08/18/2010
Policy 1610 Systems and Network Security 06/10/2011
Guide 1610 GD.01 Selecting Good Passwords 04/13/2007
Procedure 1610 PR.01 Systems and Network Security 06/10/2011
Procedure 1610 PR.02 Disposal of Obsolete Computers and Peripherals 04/12/2013
Policy 1611 Program for the Security of Customer Financial and Related Data 01/31/2014
Policy 1612 Software Licensing 07/01/2013
Procedure 3501 PR.22 Non-Employees: Directory Listing and Access Privileges 01/02/2003


Type Name Revision Date
Forms Computing Request Forms Online web form 09/29/2003
Forms 1601 FR.01 VPN Access Exception Request Online web form 06/27/2012
Forms 3501 FR.18 Promotion and Transfer Check-List MS Word doc 03/16/2010
Forms 3501 FR.27 New Employee Checklist 11/30/2009
Forms 3501 FR.31 Termination and Transfer Checklist 05/29/2013
Forms 3501 FR.46 Request for Personnel Files Excel version 10/09/2013
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