Sponsored Projects Administration

Type Name Revision Date
Policy 1301 Sponsored Projects Financial Reporting and Financial Closeout 05/14/2013
Guide 1301 GD.02 Financial Reporting and Closeout 10/31/2013
Procedure 1301 PR.04 Applying Facilities and Administrative Rate to Genomic Array Purchases 05/15/2012
Guide 1304 GD.01 At Risk Accounts 09/14/2009
Guide 1304 GD.02 Cost Allocation Methodologies 01/22/2013
Procedure 1304 PR.01 Requesting and Modifying Sponsored Project Accounts 11/12/2013
Procedure 1304 PR.02 Distinguishing Between Gifts and Sponsored Awards 01/20/2012
Policy 1305 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects 03/04/2014
Guide 1305 GD.07 Determining Allowability, Reasonableness, and Allocability of Costs for Sponsored Projects 01/22/2013
Procedure 1305 PR.02 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects 03/05/2014
Procedure 1305 PR.04 Unallowable Costs 06/27/2013
Procedure 1305 PR.05 Reclassification and Transfer of Funds 02/01/2014
Procedure 1305 PR.06 Reclassification and Transfer of Funds - CENTRAL 10/23/2012
Policy 1306 Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects 09/13/2011
Procedure 1306 PR.01 Cost Sharing 06/11/2013
Policy 1307 Subrecipient Monitoring 02/19/2014
Procedure 1307 PR.01 Monitoring Subrecipient Activity Associated with Sponsored Programs 01/29/2014
Policy 1308 Program Income Associated with Sponsored Projects 04/11/2013
Policy 1310 Principal Investigator Eligibility Requirements on Sponsored Projects 01/18/2011
Policy 1311 Institutional Base Salary for Sponsored Projects 10/02/2012
Policy 1315 Effort Reporting: Certifying Effort on Sponsored Projects 03/26/2013
Procedure 1315 PR.03 Salaries Above a Sponsor Imposed Rate Cap 04/30/2013
Procedure 1315 PR.04 Effort Reporting 04/02/2014
Policy 1316 Effort Commitment: Managing Effort Associated with Sponsored Projects 02/19/2014
Guide 1316 GD.01 Effort Percent/Calendar Month Conversion Tables 01/16/2008
Policy 1403 Charging of Administrative and Clerical Salaries and Certain Other Expenses to Federal Funds 07/02/2013
Policy 1405 Charging of Facilities and Administrative Type Expenses to Non-Federal Sponsored Projects 10/11/2012
Policy 1410 Internal Service Providers 06/13/2013
Procedure 1410 PR.01 Internal Service Providers: Registration and Annual Renewal 01/18/2011
Procedure 1410 PR.02 Internal Service Providers: Rate Calculations 03/11/2014
Procedure 1410 PR.03 Internal Service Providers: Accounting and Billing 03/11/2014
Guide 1411 GD.01 VA Memorandum of Understanding Requirements 01/14/2014
Policy 1415 Allocating the Cost of University Services 02/03/2012
Procedure 1415 PR.01 Allocating the Cost of University Services 02/06/2012
Guide 2801 GD.01 Deposits of Sponsored Project Payments 05/22/2012
Guide 4209 GD.01 Fixed vs Movable Equipment 02/26/2007


Type Name Revision Date
Forms 1304 FR.01 At-Risk Account Request Excel version Instructions 07/15/2010
Forms 1304 FR.03 Transmittal Summary (Tran Sum) Form Instructions 01/30/2014
Forms 1304 FR.03 App A Subrecipient Information and Compliance Form 12/11/2012
Forms 1304 FR.03 App B-E Transmittal Summary (Tran Sum) Attachments Excel version 12/11/2012
Forms 1304 FR.09 Cost Allocation Methodology Excel version Instructions 12/03/2013
Forms 1305 FR.15 Journal Staging Area - Cost Transfer Justification Excel version 01/22/2013
Forms 1305 FR.16 Labor Distribution - Cost Transfer Justification Excel version 01/22/2013
Forms 1305 FR.17 GSPS Cost Transfer Excel version 07/07/2008
Forms 1306 FR.01 Cost Sharing Approval Request Excel version Instructions 07/15/2010
Forms 1310 FR.04 PI Status Request Form Excel version Instructions 07/15/2010
Forms 1310 FR.05 Delegation of Initiator Authority for Sponsored Projects Excel version 05/13/2010
Forms 1315 FR.01 Effort Report Excel version Instructions 04/02/2014
Forms 1315 FR.02 Effort Reporting System Access Request Online web form 03/10/2014
Forms 1410 FR.13 Internal Service Providers: Registration MS Word doc Instructions 05/08/2012
Forms 1410 FR.14 Internal Service Providers: Rate Calculation MS Word doc Excel version Online web form Instructions 05/31/2013
Forms 1411 FR.01 Memorandum of Understanding Excel version 06/22/2009
Forms 4209 FR.02 MEI Change in Status Excel version 10/28/2013
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