Gifts & Endowments


Type Name Revision Date
Forms 2200 FR.01 8282 - Donee Information Return 12/01/2005
Forms 2200 FR.02 8283 - Noncash Charitable Contributions 12/01/2005
Forms 2203 FR.03 Request to Reinvest Income to Principal form 07/15/2014
Forms 2203 FR.04 New or add to UFFE Form 09/03/2014
Forms 2203 FR.05 Decapitalize a UFFE Form 07/15/2014
Forms 2203 FR.06 Request to Close Restricted Spendable Gift Fund Where Purpose Fulfilled 06/04/2015
Forms 2203 FR.07 YSM Reinvest Unspent Endowment Income to Principal 03/30/2012
Forms 2203 FR.08 YSM Request to SET-UP or ADD to University Fund Functioning as Endowment (UFFE) 09/03/2014
Forms 2203 FR.09 YSM Request to Decapitalize existing University Fund Functioning as Endowment (UFFE) 03/30/2012
Forms 2203 FR.10 Request to Set Up a New Endowment or Spendable Gift Award 09/03/2014
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