Faculty Forms

Type Name Revision Date
Policy 1109 Internet Access from Home 04/21/2008
Policy 3501 Payroll 12/09/2014
Procedure 3501 PR.05 Faculty Appointments 08/24/2000
Procedure 3501 PR.06 Completing Data Records for New C&T and M&P Employees 01/02/2003


Type Name Revision Date
Forms 3301 FR.04 Request for Travel Grant Excel version 02/11/2015
Forms 3415 FR.03 Office of International Students and Scholars Notification Form 08/15/2013
Forms 3501 FR.08 App A Faculty Reappointment Form Online web form 11/04/2013
Forms 3501 FR.08 App B Faculty Promotion Form Excel version 11/04/2013
Forms 3501 FR.08 App C Faculty Leave Form Excel version 12/12/2013
Forms 3501 FR.08 App D Faculty Termination Form Excel version 07/11/2013
Forms 3501 FR.08 App E Faculty Summer Compensation Form Excel version 05/05/2014
Forms 3501 FR.08 App F Faculty Extra Compensation Form Excel version 08/20/2014
Forms 3501 FR.08 App G Faculty Data Change Form Excel version 09/04/2009
Forms 3501 FR.09 Faculty Data Collection Online web form Instructions
Forms 3501 FR.10 Faculty Request for Moving Allowance Excel version 12/17/2014
Forms 3501 FR.11 Faculty/Staff ID Center Request Online web form 08/15/2013
Forms 3501 FR.12 Access Request Form Faculty Information Excel version 03/13/2012
Forms 3501 FR.13 Application for Appointment as Visiting Fellow or Laboratory Associate MS Word doc Instructions 07/13/2010
Forms 3501 FR.21 Data Change Form for Teaching Assistance Appointments 07/24/2000
Forms 3501 FR.23 Faculty Search Questionnaire Excel version 11/04/2013
Forms 3501 FR.42 Conflict of Interest - Annual Disclosure 08/15/2013
Forms 3501 FR.51 Application for Faculty Child Care Grant Excel version 01/09/2014
Forms 3501 FR.56 Faculty Appointment Form PDF Version 07/02/2014
Forms 3550 FR.02 Postdoctoral Affairs Reappointment/Change Excel version 06/01/2009
Forms 3550 FR.03 Postdoctoral Affairs Leave Excel version 05/26/2009
Forms 3550 FR.04 Postdoctoral Appointee Evaluation MS Word doc 11/05/2007
Forms 3550 FR.05 Postgraduate Application (Central Campus) MS Word doc 08/06/2009
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